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Nationally Board Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner serving Chicago.


Chicago Canine Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner

I love my job!  It’s such a privilege to work with dogs of all ages and needs to help assist their body, mind, and spirit on a journey of healing. After working with hundreds of dogs, I’m always amazed at the possibilities that massage and Reiki can open up; from transforming pain, to increasing function, to decreasing stress, to even aiding in their rescue process!  Doing this work has transformed my life, and I’m honored to offer my skill set to your dog(s).

In addition, I love working with people. Please know that I will always do my very best to deserve your confidence, trust, and friendship. It is exciting for me to work with you and I will do everything possible to assist you in meeting your goals for a greater well being.

Benefits of Canine Massage:

  • Enhances immune system function
  • Reduces swelling or inflammation
  • Restore balance after activity
  • Assists with lymphatic drainage
  • Offers end of life comfort
  • Increases circulation throughout the body
  • Aids in improving range of motion
  • Minimizes joint and muscle soreness
  • Supports post-surgical recovery
  • Diminishes stress and anxiety
  • Effective partner of behavioral training
  • Magnifies the bond between dog and care-giver
  • Conditions a dog to more comfortably receive and allow touch
  • Makes them happy!

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Ease aches and pains
  • Relax muscle tension
  • Relieves fatigue and stress
  • Strengthens natural self-healing process
  • Promote sleep
  • Clears toxins
  • Balances energies
  • Encourages emotional release and helps unlock suppressed feelings
  • Promote a peaceful and positive outlook




Focusing on the over-all well-being of your dog.  This gentle type of massage is often integrated into therapeutic care to earn the trust of your dog, while soothing their demeanor, and allowing for the facilitation of change.


Focusing on the myofascial, or webbing network, of the body to alleviate pain, and facilitate increased range of motion with a non-invasive, yet respectfully engaged approach.  The advanced techniques utilized in this style are highly effective for pain management, injury prevention, and emotional relief.

Sports Massage

This is for the active dog, engaged in agility or high-level backyard squirrel patrol.  This style is focused on injury prevention by restoring balance within the major muscle groups, to work through taut areas while still avoiding an inflammatory response that requires additional healing time.  If you have an active dog, this can often improve their overall run times, as well as, focus within the ring.


Referring to a session geared towards maintaining the health restored through previous sessions, to continue on with high activity levels.  During Maintenance massage, we implore therapeutic techniques to create balance, and restore tissue health, between active periods.  This type of massage requires a two day window of full recovery before resuming full-out activities, for the maximum benefit.

Palliative Care

Assisting your dog as they progress through their final days by bringing comfort to the body through gentle, educated touch; while integrating Reiki energy to ease and restore the spirit for a comfortable transition.


Aiding in assisting the natural lymphatic system of the body to minimize edema, or swelling, and thus decreasing the pressure on the sensory nerves registering pain within the body.  By increasing the flow of the lymphatic system, fresh nutrients are encouraged at an increased rate within the targeted area in need.

Touch Awareness

Geared for shy or emotionally uncertain dogs looking to increase confidence and socialization.  The goal of this session is often to earn the trust of your dog by respecting and recognizing their cues throughout the touch process.  This type of massage can also be affective for dogs with behavioral concerns.


Truly, the benefits are endless, but people often report feeling a very deep sense of fulfillment and calm.  The physical energy offered promotes healing to areas of the body in need, and since Reiki does not require contact to the body (though contact is often made), it can be used on areas that are too sensitive or wounded to touch.


Chicago Dog Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

In Mar 2016 I adopted Jessie, an obese border collie whose muscles were as hard as concrete. Poor girl had a hard time getting herself up off the floor, and her walking gait was stiff. She looked much older than her seven years. She’s lost 20 pounds over the past 20 months, and along the way Jesse’s massages have been crucial to her rehabilitation. Jessie’s muscles are now soft and supple. Now when it’s time to go outside, it’s no longer a struggle for her to move – she’s able to literally jump up and run to the door! It’s been wonderful to see this transformation, and I know she couldn’t have gotten this far without regular massages from Jesse.

Lynne J.

I highly recommend canine massage for your pet. Jesse literally saved my dog Grover from a premature death. He routinely monitors the dogs’ overall condition during the massages. Grover had a lump that had been checked but began to change. Jesse insisted we get it checked again and I’m glad we did – it was an aggressive mast-cell cancer that surely would’ve killed Grover if left untreated. The vet commented that Jesse caught it earlier than some vets would have. In addition, Grover is a sports dog and sustained a shoulder injury playing Frisbee. The massage sessions helped Grover restore full mobility in his shoulder. In addition, the massages helped restore mobility for our senior dog, Daisy who remained active until approximately 20 years old when she died. Our dog Buddy had anxiety issues. He is basically scared of his own shadow. The massages help calm him. Our dog Mojo had what is called an ischemic rear end. He was limping some and massages help him stop limping. Lastly, my young puppy, Zippo is more relaxed when being touched because of massage. This might prove life saving some day, as it is essential that dogs are comfortable being handled by the vet if sick or injured. Thank you Jesse for making my dogs’ lives better! If you love your pet – spend the money. It is well worth it.

Susan R.

Gracie absolutely LOVES her massages and adores Jesse!!! I have seen so much improvement since we started and am so happy she feels better! (Plus Jesse is pretty freaking smart and good with the dogs, so I learn a lot too!) Definitely something we will be continuing.


I can’t speak enough about the benefits I witnessed with the routine massages my 3 pugs had with Jesse. Lunchbox who suffers from a degenerative spinal issue got massaged on a regular basis and I believe that to be the main reason why he is so functional after 3 years with his disorder. Drifter who suffered from severe arthritis moved so much better and in much less pain after each session. I would highly recommend Jesse to anyone! He has always taken care of my dogs and showed them nothing but love and respect. If it weren’t for relocating out of state I would be a regular client.

Jen S.

My pup Sophie has had some hip/knee issues this past year. Jesse’s expertise in canine anatomy was clear from the start and had me assured that Sophie was in good hands. My pup always has more pep in her step after her canine massage. Thanks, Jesse!

Jason B.

Jesse was so good with Zeus! He understood his playful nature and was able to accommodate Zeus and get him to relax! He has so much knowledge – I would highly recommend Jesse!

Emily S.

Jesse has magic hands. My 13-year-old dog, Bailey attaches herself to him like Velcro absorbing his Reiki healing anytime she can. The massage and reiki healing is helping to relieve the discomfort she feels from having aging hips. Thank you Jesse!

Lauren W.

Jesse has done amazing work with my 8 YO vizsla Gemma, who has has 3 fused vertebrae and gets super tight from her inability to slow down. She walks out of the massage a new dog, happy as can be. Jesse is knowledgeable and calm with the dogs. She loves him!

Janice H.

Jesse is a very caring person. He is gentle and conscientious with my 12-year-old Sheltie.

Karen S.

In 2014 my border collie Doug ruptured two discs in his back. While surgery was successful, Doug’s hind leg control did not return to 100 percent. He shifts his weight to the front end, causing all sorts of muscle strain from his shoulders to his hindquarters. Jesse is able to pinpoint the trigger points that will bring Doug relief. Doug absolutely loves the regular massages he receives from Jesse. Jesse has shown me some things that I can do at home to help Doug, but nothing beats Jesse’s hands themselves.

Lynne J.

If you have a pup in need of some work or therapeutic massage, you should get in touch with him. Not only does he take great care and pride in his work, but he also shows you exercises/techniques that you can perform as well in order to optimize your pet’s comfort. Could not recommend enough!

Jesse and his skills have done wonders for my pug Lunchbox!

Matt S.

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